We believe in making a positive impact on the planet and its people. Extending our platform to help great not-for-profit volunteer organizations fulfill their missions is the best way that we can fulfill our own. If you're doing good in the world and can benefit from what we do, we want to help.

Is your organization a good fit for WorldVue?

Many nonprofits are eligible, but not all are ready. To make sure that we're creating the most value, we're looking for organizations who are positioned to gain the maximum benefit from a free HireVue account. Here's what we're looking for:

01: You're nonprofit

WorldVue Nonprofits

You'll need to be a recognized nonprofit, nongovernmental, or cheritable organization in your home country.

02: You're Volunteer-Centric

WorldVue Volunteers

WorldVue is intended for you to source, interview, vet and on-board volunteers, so you'll need to be volunteer based.

03: You're Distributed

WorldVue Distribution

To maximize our impact, WorldVue accounts are intended for organizations that are widely distributed across a region, a country, or around the World.

04: You're Prepared

WorldVue Technology

You'll need an internal champion dedicated as an admin who is responsible for implementating and managing your HireVue account.

05: Strong Executive Sponsorship

WorldVue Sponsorship

You'll need strong executive sponsorship to champion the use of HireVue to your staff and Board.

If you're ready, let's do some good.

If fit these criteria you might be a great fit and elegible to receive a free WorldVue account to find, interview, and onboard your volunteers.

Contact us if you have quesitons or apply and let's get started.