We're working with forward-leaning researchers to build new ways of understanding mental health and delivering care: Clevermind

Every great idea starts with a problem. For Clevermind ours was simple; researchers don't have access to the best technology. We're aware of this because we know that we build the best technology there is, and academic researchers weren't on our customer list.

It turns out that there's a pretty simple explanation. Researchers didn't know about us, and if they did, the procurement process and cost's mean that it would take too long to see the benefits of these new capabilities.

We launched Clevermind to change that and advance human understanding of all areas of mental health.

Instead of trying to sell to researchers and universities we would launch a new program to give it away where it could do the most good. A program that cut the leash on scalable research and opened up new areas of exploration. A program where we could work together with scientists as partners to build what they need to transform our understanding of human cognition and mental health. A program that might help the nearly 1-in-5 Americans suffering from mental health illness.

We believe that science shouldn't be limited by the size of a universities budget or a researchers ability to write yet endless grant proposals. It should be limited only by a researchers intellectual curiosity and effort. 

We believe that by making sure that scientists have the best technology, that we'll all have the best science, and that's the world we want to live in.