A ground breaking non profit for nearly 40 years, Habitat for Humanity (or simply Habitat) has been changing the world by making housing affordable and accessible to those less fortunate. 

Started in 1976 Habitat has been one of the world wide leaders in the fight against poverty. They are on the front lines everyday building stronger communities and giving families a place to call home. Habitat has affiliates across all the United States and across the world. A true world NPO that takes head on some of the most serious problems that people face today.

Habitat are world class disaster respondents. The Earthquake in Haiti in 2010 which destroyed nearly 190k homes, had almost 2 million survivors affected. Habitat set out to help nearly 50k families who were without homes. During the following year Habitat built nearly 100 homes, 150 community shelters, and repaired 350+ homes. More than 4,450 Haiti citizens were trained in construction techniques, financial literacy, disaster risk reduction and business development, which resulted in job opportunities for over 700 Haitians.

After nearly a year of talks, integration, ATS implementations, HireVue is the final piece to bring Habitat into the 21st century of volunteer/intern hiring. We are unbelievably grateful for the generosity of this organization and we're excited to make sure that they have the very best technology and services to help them fulfill their mission.

How will they use HireVue?

Habitat will be using HireVue to screen and onboard their many volunteers and interns. Habitat for Humanity has upgraded their hiring infrastructure around the board and HireVue is a piece of that change. They will mainly use us as a screening tool and to hear the stories and experience first hand from their would-be volunteers. They really love the OnDemand system and the variety of questions and easiness to build interviews. They are also stoked that HireVue can be used on all mobile devices.

Shoutout to a few members of our team: Ben Martinez, John Grotegut, and Mike Henneman were the heroes for Habitat. We had not talked to them for a couple of months and feared things would not move forward but Ben, John and Mike met Jeff Brock (director of HR) from Habitat and got us back on track.

If you're in SLC and interested in volunteering for our won local affiliate please check out their website - http://www.habitatsaltlake.com