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The Humane Society of Utah is proud to announce the month of February saw the largest animal shelter in our state reach no kill status for the first time in the HSUʼs 54 year history!

With a live release rate of 91.71% in February, the Humane Society of Utah exceeded the national standards established to determine a shelterʼs no kill status. The HSUʼs open door policy makes this achievement all the more noteworthy. The Humane Society is an open admissions shelter, meaning we welcome every animal we can legally accept...approximately 11,000 homeless animals each year. More than 1,500 homeless animals have already been placed in safe havens during the first two months of 2014!

In the months and years ahead the Humane Society of Utah will strive to maintain the high standards achieved during February by finding safe environments for even more of Utahʼs homeless animals.