HireVue Launches “WorldVue” Platform to transform Way Non-Governmental Organizations ­

Source and Select Their Volunteers worldwide


WorldVue is the First Official Solution from HireVue Labs, an Incubator Powering Inventive Applications of the HireVue Technology -



SALT LAKE CITY – January 23, 2014 – Leading Talent Interaction Platform™ provider HireVue today announced the launch of WorldVue, a full-service platform designed to meet the volunteer interviewing and staffing challenges of established non-profits globally.  Offered free of charge to qualifying not for profit organizations and NGOs, WorldVue leverages HireVue’s award-winning technology to help these organizations source, vet and interview volunteers. WorldVue is best suited for registered not for profit organizations that are volunteer-centric and have a global geographical presence.

“Technology should help facilitate social good.  Non-profits have suffered just as much as enterprise companies when it comes to archaic ways of identifying, interviewing and interacting with the best talent,” said Mark Newman, CEO and Founder, HireVue.  “WorldVue can help build the world’s best non-profits by allowing volunteers to better identify how they can contribute, and by creating a better volunteer experience along the way.”

WorldVue customers benefit from the same technology and full-service experience as HireVue’s customer base, which includes numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart and Geico.  Non-profits can leverage WorldVue to more effectively identify, vet and recruit the best volunteer talent, leveraging a secure platform that allows for on-demand and live interviews, social sourcing, candidate rating, rating sharing with other decision-makers and branded landing pages. The not-for-profit organizations are fully supported as they implement the platform, from white-glove user training to 24/7 online and phone support in a dozen languages.  More information about WorldVue can be found in this short video: www.worldvue.org.

“It’s simply unacceptable that even today lack of resources can stand between worthy non-profits and the best volunteer talent.  However, every day around the globe non-profits suffer from this very thing, particularly in instances of natural disaster or where volunteer needs are dispersed geographically,” said Jeff Barson, HireVue Labs.  “At HireVue Labs, we provide a technology platform for companies that are rethinking the way people connect and communicate – whether it’s a candidate and a prospective employer, a doctor and a patient or a politician and a voter.  WorldVue is simply one example of how we to incubate new and relevant applications of the HireVue technology beyond human resources.”

WorldVue is a project of HireVue Labs, the experimental startup arm of HireVue created to build new businesses that can benefit from HireVue’s core human interaction technologies.  Using software to reimagine the way people interact in an endless number of settings – ranging from healthcare to training to education – the HireVue Labs team works on solutions that disrupt the status quo. 

WorldVue is already being implemented by VSO, a leading international development NGO that fights poverty through volunteers, which recruited nearly 700 volunteers last year for placements in more than 30 countries worldwide. “Volunteers are at the heart of our organisation. We bring volunteers together with local partners to develop health and education services, opportunities to earn a living and to give poor people a voice. They share skills and experience to create lasting positive change worldwide,” said Ian Moffett, Selection and Induction Manager, VSO. “It’s important that volunteers have an excellent VSO experience from the moment they apply and that their skills are matched according to need with our local partners globally.  WorldVue helps us achieve both missions.”

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HireVue is making business personal again through social, mobile & video enriched workplace interactions. Our Talent Interaction Platform™ lets people tell their story and demonstrate their talents, enabling high-touch collaboration and insights – all at the speed, quality and consistency of digital. HireVue was recognized by Inc. magazine in 2013 as a top 500 fastest growing private company and HR Executive Magazine as a Top HR Product of 2012. HireVue is uses by forward leaning companies including GE, Ocean Spray, Medical Spa MD, and many of the Fortune 500 worldwide. HireVue Labs runs special projects like Clevermind IO; a program to provide HireVue's technology at no cost to academic researchers studying mental health and Timebridge; a free scheduling app for business

About VSO

VSO brings people together to fight poverty through the lasting power of volunteering. We work alongside communities worldwide to create positive change. Our programmes are in some of the world’s poorest countries reaching millions of people through improved access to services in education, health, HIV/AIDS, disability, and governance. VSO’s vision is of a world without poverty, but we can only achieve this by working together. To find out more, visit www.vsointernational.org