HireVue is helping the worlds savviest nonprofit volunteer organizations build the Worlds greatest teams... for free.

We're looking to do some good for the World and it's people, and we think that we can be most effective by helping great nonprofits find, interview, vet and onboard amazing volunteers.

This new WorldVue program offers accepted nonprofits who are using HireVue for their internal hiring, free access to a second account to screen and interview their volunteers. You can check out the WorldVue FAQ if you have questions about how WordVue works, and they apply here.

NGOs that are accepted have access to the Worlds leading video interviewing platform that utilizes our battle-tested technical infrastructure and support capabilities which have served our many Fortune 100 customers worldwide. (Did we mention that it's free?)

If you're part of an organization which could benefit from the world's leading interviewing platform, please let us know. Just contact us or apply.