Through Worldvue, we’re offering our Team Acceleration platform free of charge to selected non-profit organizations. Customers will have unlimited usage at no cost. Participation, onboarding, professional services, custom setup, live 24/7/365 support and everything else is included at no cost.Questions? Here are some answers.


Q: What is WorldVue?


A: WorldVue is a special program to help great nonprofit volunteer organizations by providing them with free HireVue accounts to source, interview, vet, and on-board their volunteers, team and various ways to impact the communities you serve.

Q: What is HireVue?


A: HireVue's the worlds leading video interviewing platform, used by hundreds of companies to interview hundreds of thousands of candidates. Here's a video:

Q: What is the difference between a "WorldVue" account and a regular
 HireVue account?


A: None, other than the name.

WorldVue participants are using exactly the same HireVue accounts as our 600+ enterprise clients and utilize the same services and support. Other than the fact that WorldVue accounts are completely free, they're exactly the same. 

Q: What does "Free" really mean?


A: It means completely, 100% free.

As a participating WorldVue nonprofit you will have no cost at all. You will have unlimited usage and will not pay for anything; participation, onboarding, professional services, custom setup, live 24/7/365 support and everything else is included at no cost. That's as free as it gets.

Q: Who pays for ongoing costs like phone and email support for volunteer candidates?


A: HireVue covers all costs, including ongoing support and maintenance.

There are no costs or fees to set up, customize, maintain or run a WorldVue account. Once you're accepted, it's 100% free.

Q: Why would HireVue offer this for free? 

A: First, we want to be a good corporate citizen and make a positive impact on the planet and it's people. Helping great nonprofit volunteer organizations be more effective in fulfilling their mission is the best way we can do that. 

Second, we want to make volunteering easier for the volunteers. We know that interviews are a life-changing event. We see that every day and we know it's true. We want to make sure that people who are volunteering to serve with great nonprofits have the best experience, and we're willing to make sure that they do.

Third, there are special issues that nonprofits face that our technology is uniquely suited to address. When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, many organizations were overwhelmed with people wanting to volunteer, but they weren't equipped to handle the sudden influx. Many volunteers who had needed skills couldn't find a place to go. Our technology can handle these kinds of sudden events.

Last, we believe in the work that nonprofits do.  We'd like to see them spend their budget where it's most needed.

Q: How do I get a WorldVue account for my nonprofit?

A: First, we'll ask you to fill out this application.

We'll review your application. If you meet our criteria and you're ready to get started, we'll hand you over to our regular implementation and onboarding team who will handle things like creating your custom landing pages and training your staff.

Q: What's included with a WorldVue account? 

A: Pretty much everything. You'll get a whole bunch of extras too like OpenVue, a custom landing page for your volunteers, training, and our uber-awesome 24/7/365 support in multiple languages.

Q: What's expected of organizations that are accepted into the WorldVue Program? 

A: We do have some expectations for orgs that are accepted into WorldVue. Here they are:

  • You'll use the account.
  • We will build a story together - we want to hear how using this technology helped you impact your community.

That's pretty much it. We want you to focus on your mission and we'll be working damn hard to help you do that.

Of course, if you really love us, we wouldn't hate it if you told your friends in other nonprofits how we'll you're being treated.

Q: What requirements are there for nonprofits? How are they chosen? 


To be accepted into the WorldVue Program, organizations should be:

  1. A registered nonprofit organization.
  2. Willing to build a story together

There is some flexibility in these requirements so if you have any questions about whether you might be accepted, please go ahead and apply and we'll take a look.